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Formal Consultation:   This consists of me walking through your home, taking notes and pictures, giving an assessment of what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale. I not only go inside, but go outside in the yard as well. You will receive a full detailed report on both inside and out.

The price ranges from $100/hr ( about 1,000 square feet)

The Budget Consultation:  I will give an on site assessment.  The home owner will be responsible for taking notes. No written report provided.

The price range is $50/hr (about 1,000 square feet).

Shopping:  while the home owner is de-cluttering, cleaning and depersonalizing the home, I will shop for accessories to enhance the home to appeal to a wider range of buyers.  I try to be a thrifty shopper. Items do not have to be expensive to spruce up a home.

Price range is $35 / hr plus cost of accessories.

Full Service Staging:  not only do I make a report of what needs to be done, but also do the work for you.  I will have myself and some workers (depending on what needs done -  moving furniture etc.).  We will do all of or part of the work.  This is an individualized plan. Pricing varies depending on how much needs done and if the home owner wants to do any of it themselves. The home owner will pay for the formal consultation and if they decided to purchase a full staging, they will be credited the price of the consultation. You will receive a written quote along with your report.

Pricing Starts at $200 / room

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