My goal here is to try to address any questions homeowners or agents may have.  I will add more when people send me questions.  I will start with a few here..  if you have a question, feel free to email me.

1.  What is home Staging?
      Simply put, it is decorating a home to make it sell more quickly for top dollar.

2.  I can clean and de-clutter, why do I need a professional stager?
     Home staging is more than just cleaning up.  A stager is useful because we can not always see our home   in an objective way.  It takes an unbiased eye to pick out what needs to be done.  You are emotionally involved with the property and that can get in the way.

3. How does it benefit me as an agent?
    If you listings show well, it reflects on your professionalism and helps your listing sell faster for more money.  More money for the seller means higher commission for you.

4. Who pays for the service?
    In most cases the owners of the property pay for it.   Sometimes an agent will, but normally it is the seller.

5. As an agent I am able to tell my clients what they need to do....
    Sure you can but time equals money.  Having a professional stager do the work for you frees up your time to market your listing or go after new listings.

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